Financial Help With Your New Care Career

The Care Workers’ Charity have partnered with Oxfordshire County Council, to support those who are new to the care sector and preparing for their first days of work, in the form of Starter Grants. If you are starting work for Oxfordshire Crossroads, you are eligible to apply.
Oxfordshire County Council have made funding available to help new care workers, who may need financial support to enable them to start their new jobs, and this will be administered by the Care Workers’ Charity.

These starter grants will provide funding towards a range of expenses including:

  • Travel costs to and from work
  • Childcare costs
  • Deposits towards purchase of a car
  • Purchase of a bicycle to travel to and from work
  • MOTs, car repairs
  • Uniform, dress code related costs

Our applicants will need to be:

  • New to CROSSROADS, or may have previously worked in the care sector, but not in their current role. If unemployed since leaving a care sector role, then this must be for a minimum of 3 months
  • Either work, or live, in Oxfordshire.
  • Have an offer of employment from CROSSROADS.

To apply, please click HERE.

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