Thanks to Our Brilliant Runners and Sponsors

Saturday the 16th of October was a day when our half-marathon runners made Crossroads history. We are proud to report that all our fit fundraisers made it over the finish line with some excellent times – spurred on by the brilliant support and cheering from friends of CROSSROADS.

“It really made a difference to be clapped and cheered on” said runner Andrew Clarkson.

Other on-the-spot reactions by our runners on the day included – “Well done, guys. It was a wonderful event” – from Caroline Winstone. Martin Wilkinson said, “Thanks all for the opportunity to fundraise for such a worthy cause and to support a brilliant team.” But the person who perhaps summed it up the best was Nick Larkin, “Great job everyone. Epic achievement.”

If you want to see more pictures of the marvellous day click HERE. And, if you missed the chance to sponsor a runner, want to see how much our wonderful runners raised, or just would like to donate to a great cause, please click HERE.

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