Unpaid Carers Fun Football Social

It is important for everyone, to be able to get out and about, and enjoy good company. We at Oxfordshire Crossroads, firmly believe this.

Last weekend, on April 9, we brought together, 20 unpaid carers from our area, to socialise at the Oxford United vs. Sunderland match, which, sadly, but excitingly, was won by Sunderland, 2-1. This result did not, however, dampen the enjoyment of all our carers who attended. A big thankyou to #carerstrust, #communitiescan, and #PearsFoundation, for making this great event possible. Oxfordshire Crossroads, looks forward to organising more such events in the future. Please, keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter feed HERE , or look at the Facebook feed on our homepage.

Remember, get out and have fun this bank holiday weekend!

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