The Oxford office has been FLOODED!

When you see the offices, the word flood may cause a bit of disappointment. There is no visible water at all, just stains on the carpet and a musky damp smell.

It seems there has been an ingress of water over the past few months culminating in a particularly bad patch with the arrival of Henk. There has, however, been a lot of damage to the carpets, undersides of equipment, furniture and PPE stocks.

Although only half of the building is affected, the Health and Safety Inspector has been and closed the offices due to a possible health risk from mould spores. Soon the re-fitters will be in, raising carpets and killing mould. At present we do not know how long this will take and the Oxford office will remain closed.

Thanks to our shared experience over the last few years, moving the office staff to working remotely from home is not an issue and is starting today (Monday 15.01.24). All office staff are contactable on their usual office emails. All computers and computer systems are up and running as usual.

All care services will continue unchanged. You can contact us on the same office telephone numbers.

Office Hours: 01865 260280

Out of hours care delivery emergencies: 07831 530947

Arrangements have been made for personal protective equipment (PPE) to be delivered to the St Johns Home next door or delivered by helpful community staff. All care staff will have full PPE stock available to them.

Finally, if remote just will not do, face to face meets can be arranged on request.

Happy New Year to one and all!


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