The Late Crew and the Copy Cat Creature

This World Book Day why not pre-order a copy of Rab Ferguson’s new book, “The Late Crew and the Copy Cat Creature”?
We loved the first book, introducing Tyler, Levi, Grace, Alisha and Jayden and how each of their young lives is affected by being a young carer, and of course finding an alien egg! This time they are back meeting an intergalactic doppelganger! 😮
The book is  a great way to spread the word about young carers, helping many self identify as such, meaning they can reach out for the help they may need. For ages 5-11. If you are a Crossroads young carer and would like a free copy of the book contact Lizzy in the Oxford office as she has a few spares still and when those are gone, an ebook too.
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