Let’s Go!

Time to Celebrate as our ‘Let’s Go!’ Project Enters its Third Year!


At Crossroads Care we support families with high dependency care needs, where there is a need for a care worker to help out in the home. This can be because someone in the family is ill, disabled, has mental health needs or an addiction. The other family members within the home can take on extra caring duties and become unpaid carers. We are here to support them too.

Young carers and their families may not have the same access to breaks and activities as others. Some don’t get offered, some worry about taking offers up because their loved one may need them. Often the whole family misses out as, by necessity, life has to happen around the person with care needs. At Crossroads we believe that these children and families deserve to experience some of the freedom that many of us take for granted.

Families having fun days out

Through our Let’s Go project we arrange outings and breaks for young carers, children with additional needs, and their families. These can be as a group of children or, if they prefer, in individual families. We are also able to provide a care worker for support as needed to make sure whole families are catered for.

This year Let’s Go! enabled group trips to the circus and the theatre. We arranged for families to visit Blenheim Palace. The trampoline park was a success and revisited a few times, and we even got siblings with additional needs to special SEN sessions so everyone could be included. Other children also enjoyed outings to Thomley Hall, with sensory rooms and other activities.  Our Butlin’s caravans in Minehead were packed out all summer. 23 caring families benefited in various ways from the project.

There are so many more caring families whom we would like to support. You can find out more by browsing through this new look website. Or perhaps you feel inspired to start a fundraiser or make a small donation!

If not no worries, but could you please share this newslink with just one friend or colleague so perhaps we could reach another family in need or someone looking for a charity to fundraise for.

Thank you. 😊

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