Summer Party

In celebration of Carers Week 2024, we can thank the Newbury office for organising a fabulous Summer Party at the British Legion on Pelican Lane. 50 carers and the people they care for were able to join us and had the afternoon to meet with each other.  Claire catered a lovely sandwich and cake lunch, topped off with scones with jam and cream, all set up by Sarah and the team at the Legion. Sadly the choir could not make it but the BINGO and raffle still went ahead. Thank you also to Ann Wilson for the beautiful flower arrangements. 

1 in 3 of us will be come a carer in our life time and what all carers seem unanimous on is that they need to have a break from their caring duties. All those who attended are in receipt of Crossroads Care. We are currently supporting 72 carers and people with needs delivering care where it is needed most. We train our staff to meet individual care needs which is why our clients needs are so varied.

Thanks especially to our Newbury Crossroads team making sure everything ran smoothly:

Barbara, Pat, Linda, Caitlin, Lisa H., Debbie, Paula, Lisa D., Christine, Sandra and Marie.


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